42511832-pretty-smiling-girls-shopping-women-s-clothing-at-the-store-fashion-and-retail-concept-stock-photoThe clothing you choose should be a natural extension of your bodyshape. How you’re built will help us understand the wardrobe that will be the perfect match for you. We’ll help you know how to pick out the clothes you buy, the fits you should choose, the shopping destinations – both online and offline, where you can find suitable options.

What is shape is your body?

Don’t focus on individual areas like just your tummy or hips or thighs and look to dress for those parts. Look at the general shape of your body overall. The fitting of your clothing should help accentuate the shape or complement it. The very choices of what you’ll buy depends on this.

Here are a few examples of bodytypes

  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders
  • Your shoulders or bust are larger than your hips
  • Your shoulders and hips are the same size, but the waist is not defined
  • Your shoulders and hips are the same size, with the waist defined

Once we figure out your bodyshape together, we can guide you with tips and rules of thumb for wardrobe shopping. We know which types of clothing establishment offer which cuts and shapes of clothing, so we are placed in a perfect position to help you choose your shopping spots.

Remember, your bodyshape is you, and there can be nothing more beautiful than dressing to accentuate that ‘you.’ Summertown Style has worked with several women, guided them in understanding how their bodies will react to and look in different styles of clothing. We have been able to give them a complete plan for getting their wardrobe perfect.

It’s all a lot of fun, and it’s wonderful for us to see customers excited and looking forward to designing styles and making a statement about themselves.

Look around our other sections to see what may work best for you.