Colour Analysis And The Psychology Of Colour

img5Colour is everything, when you dress. Your mood, your mental make-up, your nature – all these define the colours you pick. And we all have our colour preferences.

What colours say

Red is the colour that shows fiery passion, energy and the confidence in oneself. Purple shows a creative and artistic bent of mind. Blue captures a serenity, calm and quiet confidence.

And of course – who doesn’t have that one special black dress in their wardrobe? Elegance, authority, sophistication, all captured in the magnificence of black.

How we can help

To pick the right range of colours that gives you the perfect options in your wardrobe, you’ll need to know how to enhance your body and its colours. At Summertown Style, we understand perfectly how to start with the colours associated with you, and come up with the palette that will highlight the very best of you.

By looking at your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone, we can immediately understand how to complement and enhance their beauty. The clothes you wear, the accessories you carry, the colours you choose, should all go with your hair and skin colour. And every time you change your hair colour, these colour combinations will change.

What we bring to you is an expert understanding of how to match your clothing to your own colours. And where we stand special is that we know how to help you transition into this change.

How you can go about it

That’s the best part about it – you don’t need to overhaul your wardrobe in one swoop. Start simply; make little changes to your clothing that begin to enhance your style personality.

We use coloured drapes to discover what colours suit you best. You’ll instantly know what colours go with your eyes, hair and skin. Chances are, you’ll immediately exclaim, “This is so me!” It’s the most common reaction we hear, and it simply makes our day.

We can also help you use colours like black, white and navy, in case they’re not in your palette. These help complement a host of colours, and can give you a look of simple elegance or grandeur, depending on how you want to carry yourself.

We guide you on how to make those minor changes. Start with something as simple as the right-coloured scarf, or a shade of sunglasses that match your skin and hair. Slowly, you can bring about more definitive switches in your wardrobe.

Let’s journey together and discover the essential, beautiful you and deck up for the world to marvel at. Call us now on 01865 556113, for it’s time for those Summertown colours!