My personal style

30178733 - two young fashion women with shopping bagsHere’s a revelation for you – We all have style personalities. Each and every single one of us!

This might sound obvious, though not everyone realises it. Whatever your age, your gender, your background, your nature – you have a style personality that is all you. It’s a lot like fingerprints – they all look similar, yet each of us has our own set.

Take a moment to let that sink in. Your style personality started to take shape in your childhood, and has grown and evolved with you. You just need to tap that style personality, and you’ll know exactly what to wear, when to wear it, how to wear it. Your fashion is your own, and the wow factor is within your reach, with Summertown Style.

The confidence to wear something, and know that it looks right, comes from knowing what your style personality is. Often we pick the wrong clothing, trying to match up to something we inherently are not.
Knowing how to dress to be you – that’s the best way to carry yourself. And that’s where Summertown Style is uniquely placed. We can sit with you and help you understand that inherent style personality of yours, embrace it for what it is, and come up with a wardrobe that you’ll love.

Your bodyshape, your skin tone, your hair colour, eye colour, preference for colours – all these are factors in determining your essential style. And along with your natural features, your own personality is a major factor in giving you a complete style personality.

Think about how you go about dressing up:

  • Do you wake up in the morning and grab the first clothes you find within reach?
  • Do you sit and ponder the night before about what you’ll wear? Toss around ideas and combinations, reject some, jump at some?
  • Do you think hard about where you’re going, and match your clothes to the occasion? Or do you keep it standard and simple?
  • Do you stick to the clothing available at the local shops? Do you like to spend time rummaging through vintage stores and charity clothes shops? Do you browse sites to look for new, unusual clothing options?

Each of these defines your style personality. There is no right and wrong, no better or worse. It’s who you are. And Summertown Style will help you choose your dressing to match that personality. We help you dress to look your best. Don’t follow the fashion; be the fashion. Make others want to dress that confidently and that well.

You have 7 seconds to make an impression. There’s nothing better than dressing to complement your personality, so that there’s nothing anyone can say except that you look amazing!

So go ahead and get in touch with us for a consult. You can reach us at 01865 556113 / 07990526050.