Using Accessories

img6The best part about accessorising yourself is that you can either look at accessories as starting point in your journey to discovering your style personality, or as the perfect way to complete a new look for you.

Summertown Style helps you identify how to dress according to your bodyshape, body colours and style personality. To complete that perfect look, you can spruce it up with the right jewellery, scarves, shoes and handbags.

Sometimes, just one or two of these could be all that you need to highlight your wardrobe. We can help you choose the kind of accessory that could be your single starting point for a fashion makeover. We can help you pick the right combinations and sizes of accessories that can add to a fantastic dress combination.

Depending on your frame, your mood, your dress, your personality, that perfect accessory is the icing on the cake. Recognising what to add on and how much to add on, is what Summertown Style can help you with. We can take a step back and immediately know what to do to make you look great and feel special.

At Summertown Style, you can expect the whole treatment – from sitting with you to understand your personality and preferences, to identifying the right look to match your hair, skin, eyes and bodyshape, to accessorising you to the perfect degree.

Get in touch with us here  and let us help you discover the perfect you. Let the world marvel at you wondering how you managed to get it so right, by just being yourself.

It’s time for you to pick up that phone and call for we look forward to hearing from you.